Steering Committee Position Responsibilities

Position: ________Hospitals and Institutions_________________

Sobriety Requirement _______6 Months______________________________

Length of Commitment ____________________________________

Specific List of Responsibilities and Activities Required:


You need six months sobriety to be the San Juan Group (SJG) representative to the South Orange County Hospitals and Institutions Committee (H&I). The rep attends one orientation session at the Laguna Canyon Club. You need six months to participate in a panel, one year to be a panel leader, and often two years sobriety to qualify for administration roles on the H&I committee itself. Some optional activities, such as attending panels inside jails, may require passing a background check. A record does not automatically disqualify you in all cases.


Core service activities:

1) Attend the monthly meeting of the South OC H&I Committee in the Laguna Canyon Club (check for meeting schedule).

2) Be a liaison for general information and specific announcements from the H&I Committee to the SJG meetings. Make sure H&I Committee supplied flyers posted in the SJG meeting room are up-to-date.

3) Help individual members of SJG meetings learn how to get involved and connected to H&I activity. SJG members do NOT need to go through the H&I rep to be involved in H&I. They need only show up at the monthly H&I meeting at the Laguna Canyon Club.

Optional service activities:

Join, lead, or organize panels as desired. Panel leaders must attend an orientation, but to participate on a panel you do not need the orientation.

Learn more:

The South Orange County Hospitals and Institutions Committee website is at