Steering Committee Position Responsibilities

Position: __Literature_____________________________________

Sobriety Requirement _1 Year_______________________________

Length of Commitment _1 Year______________________________

Specific List of Responsibilities and Activities Required:

  • Keep the meeting room bookcase stocked with AA Literature
  • Keep the pamphlet racks stocked with a variety of pamphlets
  • Attend Steering Committee meeting on the last Sunday of the month
  • Miscellaneous responsibilities include
    • Keep Orange County Meeting Schedule booklets in stock
    • Keep “Newcomer Packets” in stock
    • Keep the folder for SJ Group Meetings stocked
    • Pick up current Lifelines, notices for Conferences and other AA events for meeting room
  • Must be available to make trips to the AA Satellite office to buy books, pamphlets, etc. as needed (usually every 2-3 weeks)