Steering Committee Position Responsibilities

Position: __Secretary__________________________________________

Sobriety Requirement _1 Year____________________________________

Length of Commitment _1 Year___________________________________

Specific List of Responsibilities and Activities Required:

  • Attend all SJC Steering Committee meetings including any special committee meetings which may be held
  • Prior to the regular Steering Committee meeting prepare the Agenda for the Chairperson to use during the meeting. This should include “Old Business” which the Chairperson needs to resolve from previous meetings.
  • Prior to the meeting prepare the meeting sign in sheet to be used at the meeting
  • Take detailed notes during the meeting making sure all relevant information is captured including any motions made and the outcomes of those motions
  • After the meeting prepare the minutes for the meeting. Distribute these minutes via email to the attendees of the meeting for their review and comments and/or corrections. The attendees have 72 hours to respond with any comments and/or corrections after which time the minutes will be sent to the Webmaster to be posted on the SJG website.