Steering Committee Position Responsibilities

Position: __Treasurer ___________________________________

Sobriety Requirement _3 Years______________________________

Length of Commitment _1 Year______________________________

Specific List of Responsibilities and Activities Required:

  • Collect the 7th Tradition envelops at least once a week from the DoReMe box located in the meeting room
  • Count the Money in the envelopes to assure accuracy
  • Note the money collected on an excel spreadsheet provided
  • Make weekly deposit of funds collected @ Farmers & Merchants Bank closet to you, SJG account is at the San Juan branch
  • Maintain the SJG check book and reconcile same monthly
  • Make payments to those who have submitted expense receipts for Literature, supplies, misc & rent to the CCC
  • Make payments monthly to the 5 AA organizations as determined by the steering committee of the SJG
  • Pass along rents from the autonomous & al-anon meetings to the CCC
  • Attend the monthly meeting of SJG steering committee and give report of financial status
  • Train the Co-Treasurer throughout the year so they are ready to assume Treasurer role the following year
  • This commitment requires between 3 - 4 hours of time a week. Accuracy & Integrity in the above task is a must as the Treasurer is entrusted with the finances of the SJG